Our Partners

There are some brilliant Football Manager blogs, YouTube channels, and Podcasts available out there! These are a few I enjoy reading, watching, and listening to…and one or two that I have a hand in!


The Deep Lying Podcast: Your No1 Football Managing Podcast.

Strikerless.com: Analytical, in-depth, and insightful, Guido Merry’s “Strikerless” is one of the first ports of call For Football Manager articles.

FMPressure.com: Great Football Manager stories from a wide range of teams. Worth a follow!

Occasional FM: The brilliant FM Samo’s website, whilst titled “occasional” has been anything but during his reign as Aberdeen manager on FM16. A story that is worth catching up on as soon as possible.

Pass the Bloody Ball : Brilliant Football Manager stories from not your average teams.

The Wizards of Dribble: Stoke City fan site, dedicated to analytical, in-depth and often geeky articles on everyone’s favourite Pottery team.

The Wizards of Drivel Podcast: Light hearted Stoke City fan Podcast, of which I am a panelist!