FM Manager Pictures Tutorial

Hey! Welcome to the Football Manager picture design page. 



A bit back, I opened up this site as a means to compile FM Manager Icon requests, made by the community. It was a great idea, until everyone in the world wanted it (which is not a complaint, only, wow, I didn’t expect that!).

It’s come to a point where, being perfectly honest, I just can’t handle all the requests. The usual reasoning’s of family, work life balance etc come into play, I just can’t commit the time to it, nor do I really have a passion to do so any more.

Alas, fear not, as the process to make a manager icon is so simple, anyone can do it, and anyone will be able to do it, as I give you a simple step by step guide to creating a manager icon.


  1. To start with, you are going to need a high quality, face forward, passport style image.


*For the best results, please ensure that nothing is obstructing your face (glasses, hair etc), and that the main focus of the picture uploaded is your face (as shown in this lovely image of Mats Hummels).

2. You are then going to need a program, or rather a demo of a program called “Facegen Modeller”, found HERE

3. Opening Facegen, you are going to click “CREATE”, load your picture, click “NEXT” and place the green in the positions shown. Once done, click “CREATE”, and wait for the magic to happen.


4. After the process is finished, you should be left with a graphical representation of the face you want, albeit with a water stamp on the head. Go to “FILE”, and save in the appropriate file format you wish to use (I always use PNG).



5. So far, so good! Now we need editing software. I use photoshop because I know how to use it, but if you use something else and are comfortable, go ahead. I will be giving instructions for photoshop however.

6. Opening your file in photoshop, proceed to remove the grey background, and using a cloning tool, begin to steadily remove the water mark.


7. Once done, you can make any changes you like to the face here. Whether that be removing hair, blemishes, etc.

8. After completed, it is now time to do the hair. I have always (for the most part) drawn hair and beards, but it is probably easier (and better!) to use some of the regen hair folders you can download off FM Scout and alike. Debski’s Hair are brilliant, so I recommend them!


9. Saving this as a PNG file, it is now time to create your jacket. I use the wonderful template from Yellow Images, but a quick google search for training jackets should bring up what you are looking for.

10. Depending on what you then want to do, it could simply be a matter of creating your jacket (through yellow images template), or sourcing an already existing picture of what you want. Either way, after creating or finding, you should then create a new document, with the jacket and face together.

11. Using positioning, editing, etc, you should be able to get your manager’s head to fit onto the jacket. It may take a few attempts to get it perfect, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to do! There is no procedural way of doing this, as each creation is different. However, I usually create a jacket from scratch, save as an image, import together, and spend some time editing so that the face and jacket work together. I will quite often use soft brushes to create shadows underneath the neck.

And there we have it. It really is quite simple. The hardest part is the face creation, and that is basically a program that does all the work.

I hope you have success in your creations!

If you have any questions, please contact me on twitter @Brammered