Wonderkids Workshop: Sign Up

Thomas Allery of FMScout, kit making genius and friend of the site has a challenge for you, which we’d like to facilitate. 

Hello, and Welcome to WONDERKIDS WORKSHOP. I’ve been thinking about running this for a while; and you may have seen similar things before. Basically, fellow FMScout members and hopefully my Twitter following will join forces to create players, while I holiday the save for a season at a time to see how they turn out.

However, this one has a difference. We will be following the players from the age of 14 to when they retire from a managerial career or whatever you may choose for their career path..

I am aiming to get a relatively large number of consistent followers of this; as I believe it would be far more interesting.


The rules are as followed:
– All players will start aged 14
– Will review their progress once a season on an external site that I will create, but post the update links here.
– Any unrealistic/silly names and “Common Names”  will NOT be considered.
– All players will be set with -85 potential and a CA of 30.

So, to sign up, fill out this form:
Any line with a star is necessary.


You have until September the 11th to sign up!

I hope you enjoy the series!


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