BVB Kits: Season 4 (by Tom Allery)

One of the great things about posting on twitter is the different people you get to meet. Tom Allery, of FM Scout fame is one such person. A tremendously gifted graphics maker, Tom took our victory in the Champions League as inspiration for these masterful kit designs. They are incredible! I could talk for hours about every detail that I love, but why not let Tom describe his work in his own word:

The home kit was possibly the hardest one to design, as I had no clear idea on what I wanted it to look like, but I knew I wanted it to celebrate the Champions League win. It went through three different designs before I settled on the final product. The first was involving stripes which covered the whole jersey in three stripes, yellow, black and gold. However, this did not look right, so I cut the stripes to the half way point, and this still didn’t look good, so I played around with the gold and black idea, which resulted in a yellow-black half-half split, with the black containing gold pinstripes which worked their way up diagonally. However, the kit looked too busy and the colour combination didn’t really look that great, so I removed the gold all together, and decided to make it the basis of the away kit. I stumbled on the final design by chance, and thought I’d fade in “Europameister” as the tribute to the successful season the club had had.

The away kit, however, was far more planned. Once I had realised that the gold was not going to work on the home kit, the idea of the gold band around the middle of the kit popped into my head. I decided to keep black as the main colour to keep the kit traditional to Dortmund’s usual kits, but gold instead of yellow to celebrate the success, as gold is the colour of a winner. However, I thought just having the gold band was a little generic, so I added the gradient arms to add a little bit of ‘class’ and make it stand out of the crowd. I once again paid homage to the Champions League win with the faded gold band along the bottom with “Europameister 2018” once again subtly faded in.

The third kit was the idea I actually had first. I was doing my research for my inspiration for the kits, and stumbled upon the city of Dortmund’s flag and thought I could use that as something a little different, as all of Dortmund’s kits recently have been ‘samey’. I wanted to keep it as similar to the flag as possible, but I thought just a direct split would look cheap and tacky, and I had already used gradients a lot on the two other kits, so I came up with the hope fade design. I wanted yellow to make sure it still had links to the club, but the usual yellow synonymous to the club was far too garish so I went for a cream colour, also known as a light yellow to give me the final result.

“BVB Europameister” appears on every kits socks again to celebrate the huge achievement Dortmund had this season, and to keep it consistent, a theme to link all three kits.

Like what you see? Of course you do! Well, why not take these kits for your game?

And do you use the 3D game engine? If so, why not upload these kits there as well? (You’ll either need to put them in a folder of already existing Bundesliga kits, or make a config file for this to work).

Thank you once again to Tom! You can follow him on twitter @tomallery.

For more adventures in the Dortmund save, follow us @VRFussball


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