“Well this is a struggle”by Stijn Henneveld

It’s been great fun setting up and promoting this site over the last few months. The support from the FM universe has been brilliant, and I am truly grateful for all the shout outs, conversations and interest given by the FM community. I’ve never considered this site to anything more than just a forum for me to vent my man love for Christian Pulisic, but if I can give something back to the community, I will. I’m happy to play host to people’s articles and blogs, and happy to help support people any which way I can. So without further ado, we at VR Fußball are happy to host the first (of hopefully many) guest pieces:

Heya, I guess I should introduce myself first. Im Stijn Henneveld (@stacardi) from the Netherlands, living on this planet for 18 years now, spending those years playing games, watching sports, sleeping and doing some educational business.

Playing games includes of course playing (a lot of) Football Manager, playing since FM 08. So far, my longest career spanned 25 years but I like to play a lot of careers on each addition of the game. I’ve had success at MK Dons (Dele Alli!!!) AFC Wimbledon, Nuneaton Town, Arsenal, Swansea, Ajax, RB Leipzig, Celta, OGC Nice, Internazionale, Altinordu, Brighton, Utrecht and probably a lot more which I’m forgetting about right now.


However, my current save is one with NAC Breda and well… I guess I’m about to take one of the most critical choices for this save. I’ll explain: I’m currently in my second season having been promoted last season from the Dutch 2nd league to the highest division. NAC is a club not with the best financial status but I managed to secure some top-class (for my club :’D) bargains, having bought Kramer from Feyenoord for 500K, Lazaro for 675K and Florentin Pogba for 750K. All scoring higher than a 7.2 about every game.




Now the critical choice: I’m currently in 3rd place, doing very well, all things considered. However both Saint Etienne and PSV have offered me job interviews which I accepted because I want to end up as high as possible this save. Sidenote: I also declined loads of offers from lower clubs like Sion, Standard Liege and Vitesse. PSV is currently in 11th place in the league 10 points behind me but with 3 less games played. They have some nice financials I could play with (4.8 M transfer budget) whereas with NAC I’m at my financial limits. They only sold Beto da Silva, Bergwijn (to Barcelona!) Mirin, Luuk de Jong and Willems. They bought Denswil, Ayoub, Mehmedi and Toornstra. This is my first option.



Second option St Etienne, currently 17th in the Ligue 1 with 13 points (thats 25 below PSG at 1st position and 3 above the red line) the only ‘big’ transfer for them was that they bought Marcelo Moreno from Changchun for 6.25M. They also paid 1.6M for Delaney and 850K for Younes. They offered me 6M transfer budget and -2k Salary Space. Third option obviously is to stay with NAC. Usually I’m the guy who will stay with the same club as long as possible but maybe this time I want something else.




This is where I need your help. I’m reaching out to the FM Community for advice. Can anyone give me any tips? Any support? Any tales of success or failure from breaking from the norm? And what would you do?


You can reach me on twitter @stacardi. Please, I need your help.


I look forward to post more about this career and hope that you will enjoy my future stories.


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