BVB Kits: Season 3

Ahead of the most exciting season yet for my BVB save, I felt it was appropriate to update my Dortmund kits, so that I could not only put my new signings in “schwatzgelb”, but also add them in game.

The kits themselves have got some lovely feedback, with a few folks on twitter asking for them to be put up for download.

In order to install these kits, you can save these images below. I’ve not included a “config” file, which is needed for the kits to work in your game, so you will need a Bundesliga kit pack already in your game. All you would need to do then is copy and paste these kits into your Bundesliga pack folder, removing the old Dortmund kits, and renaming the new kits with the same names as the old ones…(hope that makes sense).

The kits themselves took quite a while to make, so if you do happen to use them, please give me a shout out on twitter, with a screen shot of them in game (simply because I am curious!). The third kit I especially love, as it has the 1994/95 title winning team in the background!


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